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04 Jun 2016

What if…

Daily, you follow some type of pattern. You fall into some sort of routine. Whether it is based upon the needs of others or those of your own, each day you commit to getting things done. Some would argue that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach to life; but, what if there is? […]

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28 Jul 2015

Generous Hearts

To the generous at heart: You will often attract those who are innately and inherently selfish. You possess an intriguing and alluring characteristic. One they cannot fathom or fully comprehend, for it allows you to embrace flaws, forgive grievances and serve regardless of circumstance. In return, you’re often left w/ a myriad of oxymoronic emotions. […]

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17 Jun 2014

Plausible Deniability

What you don’t know CAN hurt you… Who empties the trashcan in your office? What is the name of the company chef who knows your order from memory? How long has your secretary been married? When is your college intern’s graduation? Did the Human Resources Director’s son get accepted into their preschool of choice? The […]

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15 Mar 2014

Opposites Attract

Exploring the “Kingdom Principle”, a post for Ministry Leaders “All are welcome.” “Come as you are.” “God loves everybody and so do we.” Sound familiar?? To the “trained” “spiritual” (churched) ear, these phrases are nothing short of common. Although the underlying premise behind each statement is birthed from a sincere place, in order to maximize […]

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26 Oct 2013

Seeing is Believing

Image & Priorities One hour, during peak flight times in a major airport, will provide any spectator with more than an eyeful to comprehend. Within a brief moment of observation, your exposure will span across age groups, genders, nationalities, religions, professions and more. You will develop, be it intentional or otherwise, a perception of any […]

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18 Feb 2013

The Guilt of Innocence

The danger of profiling… Trayvon Martin. Although it’s been some time since his untimely death occurred; yet, to this day, the sound of that name ignites a series of emotions. For many Americans, particularly those of African-American descent, this name, his name, leaves another impression on our hearts each time it is uttered. His unfortunate […]

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