What is a creative consulting firm?

We are a design agency and consulting firm all rolled into one.  At our creative consulting firm you will find passionate individuals who specialize in different areas, ranging from brand development to financial planning, those not limited to a single skill set. Using an interactive approach, we adapt to any project or situation and always move in leaps and bounds to create trends rather than follow them.  If the right person for the job isn’t already under our roof, we have the right partners within reach to get the job done.

Do you only work with particular industries?

Not at all!  We primarily cater to ministries and small businesses, but are not limited to them.  Since inception, we have worked with a host of companies involved in catering, events, media, photography, law, health and government to name a few. Our favorite client is whoever we’re working with at the moment, :). We have a passion for bringing innovative ideas to life and setting them on the path to success. If we can help you, we will!

What types of projects do you produce?

We have a pretty colorful range of completed projects including operational manuals, budgets, staff evaluations, logos, branding (stationery), print & promotional materials (flyers, bookmarks, t-shirts), social media marketing and the list goes on! For a sample of our projects, check out our “Vibrant Works” portfolio.

What services can I choose from?

Our main services fall within three categories: building (org structure, policies & procedures, operations manuals), branding (logo, business cards, flyers) and coaching (leadership training, career planning); however, we are not limited to these areas.  We believe in doing things exceptionally well so if we don’t have the needed expertise and experience, we’ll do our best to refer you to someone who does.

We are a start-up. How can you help us?

Regardless of your point of development, we can offer you all the knowledge and expertise you need to get your start-up off the ground and onto a path to success. We provide services in building (org structure, policies & procedures, operations manuals), branding (logo, business cards, flyers), coaching (leadership training, career planning) and sometimes more! If a feasible idea is all you have, then we can work with you to map out a business plan and marketing strategy that will help you clearly define your vision and goals. If you already have the documentation sorted, then we can help you jump straight into the creative work that will give your startup a life of its own. Anything that we can’t accommodate in-house can be completed by one of our trusted partners.

How long does it take?

Well…that depends on your “it”!  Our standard design services turnaround time is 3-5 business days with rush options available.  Our consulting services are typically offered in project packages, based upon hours needed to complete agreed upon deliverables.  Whatever the timeline, we go over it with you, in detail, at the beginning, to ensure you’re comfortable!

Do you print?

Currently, we offer design services only.  We provide print-ready files and customization suggestions to assist you in achieving your desired end look.  Clients are free to select the print vendor of their choice based upon the timeline and budget that best suits their needs.  Printing requests submitted to epiphany will be subcontracted to external vendors at the client’s expense.  We are not responsible for any vendor related delays in printing, shipping or delivery of the final project.

May I obtain a quote for services?

Absolutely!  Quotes are available upon request.  We’ll create a customized and itemized quote based upon the services that peak your interest.  No purchase requirement.  Quotes and discounts (if applicable) are valid for 30 days.

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts are offered on a case by case basis, at the discretion of epiphany staff.  Discounts must be redeemed within 30 days to be considered valid.

Can’t I do all this myself?

That’s your call to make!  It’s really a matter of evaluating what you do best. We believe you should focus there, on your strengths, and outsource your weaknesses.  This ensures a standard of excellence across the board.  After looking at core competencies, many businesses and organizations decide that it’s wisest and most cost effective to form a relationship with a stellar agency such as epiphany :).

Have questions?

We tried to answer the most popular ones, but we’re positive we missed something!  We want you to be comfortable with our team and trust you’re making a great investment in allowing us to serve you.  We are always available for questions…before, during and after services are provided. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will help you figure it all out!


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