28 Jul 2015

Generous Hearts

To the generous at heart:

You will often attract those who are innately and inherently selfish. You possess an intriguing and alluring characteristic. One they cannot fathom or fully comprehend, for it allows you to embrace flaws, forgive grievances and serve regardless of circumstance. In return, you’re often left w/ a myriad of oxymoronic emotions. On one hand, you’re full b/c purpose is fulfilled through your selflessness. On the other hand, you’re empty b/c while preoccupied w/ pouring out whatever they need, you fail to recognize their egotistic perspective will restrict them from returning the favor.

Sometimes, you hurt. You cry. You wonder where you went wrong. Your heart seems to break as you ponder how giving of yourself or loving unconditionally could leave you like this…As a result of the pain, you even consider trying to change, trying to turn off your mind, trying to silence your thoughts. You pray for a few moments where the hurt, betrayal and disappointment are muted, a time when you no longer have to feel…Then, you realize, you cannot stop. You cannot give up. You cannot allow their poison to penetrate your being. You cannot be what you despise. You cannot become the source of the pain you were birthed to destroy.

So, to the generous at heart, this one is for you. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop trying. Please, don’t stop sharing your love, sincerity and generosity with the world. For one day, some day, life will unveil the one(s) w/ kindred spirit(s) who recognize the beauty of your existence and the treasure you behold. They will impart back into you what the selfish unsuccessfully tried to rob and destroy.

My generous butterflies, be bold. Be beautiful. Be loving. Be unapologetically you. Give and give freely for this love that you have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away… 🙂



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