04 Jun 2016

What if…

Daily, you follow some type of pattern. You fall into some sort of routine. Whether it is based upon the needs of others or those of your own, each day you commit to getting things done. Some would argue that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach to life; but, what if there is? What if one day you didn’t do what you normally do? What if you decided not to follow the path prescribed for you by others and deliberately began to pursue your own dream(s)? What if you made a conscious decision to defy the odds, the limitations and the stereotypes that often overshadow your progress and actually embraced them as stepping stones to your destiny? What if you stopped counting yourself out and transformed into your number one fan? What if you stopped beating yourself up b/c of your weaknesses and began to embrace them as a part of your innate beauty? What if you told “them” how you really feel or better yet, what if you ceased to value the opinions of others more than you consider those of your own? What if you stopped comparing the life you have to the life others portray on social media? What if you saved that money, earned that degree, took that vacation, purchased that home, applied for that job, wrote that song, started that business or adopted that child? What if you focused more on fulfillment than finances? What if you have an idea that could change the world?

How different would your life be IF you set one tangible goal each day or each week or each month and actually worked, intentionally, to accomplish it? How motivated would you be the next time you were faced with a challenge if you were able to look back and see that one day, you went for “it” and started “banking” success?

If you’ve already answered these questions and changed your life for the better, congratulations! We celebrate you! Comment below to encourage someone else to do the same! For ALL others, pause for a moment today and consider “what if”…consider what it will take to get you where you want to be. Invest some time into your own personal development. Evaluate your priorities. Analyze your relationships. Begin to realign your daily routine with your vision versus your reality and see how your life begins to change.

What if…??? Time will tell… 🙂


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